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Research about LGBTQ Health is not possible without YOU!

If you qualify for any of the following studies, please help! All studies that are listed on this website have been approved by the researcher’s Institutional Review Board whose job it is to protect human participants in research.

Check out the following studies:

1. Communities & Health
2. The Mood Study
3. Parenting Study
4. Yale Breast Cancer Study
5. SOAR (Smoking Cessation Study)
6. National LGBT Cancer Survivor Research Study
7.Sexual Wellbeing in Sexual Minority Women with Breast Cancer
An Examination of Lesbian Healthcare Professionals' Attitudes on Being Out and Its Effect on Self-Esteem and Job Satisfaction

Communities & Health


We hear a lot about the role that “communities” play in health and well-being, but in fact little is known about social networks and needs of adults. I am looking to interview about 45 women (15 lesbians, 15 bisexual women, and 15 of their heterosexual sisters) about the role of community in their lives. I will focus on women in specific age groups (20s, 30s, 40s, 50s, and over 50), in rural and urban settings, and from diverse ethnic and racial groups. My research in the past has compared lesbians and bisexual women with their heterosexual sisters. This is because sisters are often similar in race, ethnicity, age, religion, etc. The goal of this project is to understand what lesbians, bisexual and heterosexual women mean by “community,” their satisfaction with their communities, and implications for stress and mental health.

You do not need to have a sister to participate in this project. However, if you do have a heterosexual sister who would like to be interviewed as well, it is important that your sister knows that you are lesbian or bisexual (in other words, you cannot be closeted if you want your sister to be interviewed as well).

Participants I choose to interview will be paid for a telephone interview that is estimated to last about 2 hours. They will be paid $25 if the interview lasts under one hour and $50 it the interview lasts 1-2 hours.

Please email me at erothblu@mail.sdsu.edu and let me know something about you and your community. Thanks for your interest!

Esther Rothblum, Professor of Women's Studies, San Diego State University

The Mood Study

People often ask you, “How are you feeling?" but don’t stick around to hear the answer.


We’re conducting a study to learn more about your experiences with relationships, moods, and discrimination. The survey will take about 20 minutes to complete. We intend to use this information to improve health services for lesbians throughout the country. If you think you might be interested in participating, please check out the Mood Study web-page.

Mood Study

We would love to hear from you! Thank you!!

Parenting Study

Are you in a committed same-sex relationship? Are you and your partner adopting your first child? If so, we need your help! We are launching a long-overdue study of the transition to adoptive parenthood. You will be interviewed before and after the adoption to find out your experiences during this important life transition.
For more information, please contact: Abbie Goldberg, Ph.D. Department of Psychology. Clark University, by phone: 508-793-7289 or by email: agoldberg@clarku.edu. Feel free to read about this study and Dr. Goldberg’s other research on her faculty website: www.clarku.edu/faculty/goldberg/index.html

Yale Breast Cancer Study

Volunteers are needed for a study regarding breast cancer, Breast Cancer Internet Information and Support (BCIIS). If you have a current or diagnosis of breast cancer, please help us by completing the online survey.

The purpose of the study is to find womens' needs and preferences for online breast cancer services, and how an online nurse might help. We would like to know more about you and your experiences and preferences.

If you would like to participate, please join us at the web site http://breastcancersurvey.med.yale.edu or email sheryl.LaCoursiere@yale.edu for more information.


Do you plan to give up smoking?
or have you given up smoking in the past 3 months?
Join our study on smoking cessation, SOAR (smoking relapse among women)


60 minute interview, 10 minute survey.
This study is being conducted by Dr. Elisabeth Gruskin,
at Kaiser Permanente, Division of Research, 510-891-3558.
For more information, email: egruskin2003@yahoo.com

Women of color especially needed.

You do not need to be a member of Kaiser to participate.

National LGBT Cancer Survivor Research Study

Be a part of history by participating in the first ever study looking at the experiences of lesbian, gay, bisexual and transgender (LGBT) cancer survivors together in one study.

Are you a survivor of cancer? We want to know about your experiences.

Fill out our anonymous survey at: http://www.surveywriter.net/in/survey/survey807/CS.asp
and be entered to win a $50 Visa gift card!

It does not matter where you live or what services you accessed - we want to hear your voice.

The survey will take about 30 minutes to complete. If you exit the survey before finishing you will not be able to resume where you left off.

There is no systematic information available to guide the development of post-treatment medical, behavioral, and psychosocial care for LGBT cancer survivors. This survey will be used to better educate health care providers, and to directly inform services for the lesbian, gay, bisexual, and transgender population.

This initiative is a collaborative effort between a community-based health care center, a grass-roots lesbian health organization, and university researchers. This survey is sponsored by the Lesbian Community Cancer Project, Howard Brown Health Center, and University of Illinois at Chicago, as part of the development of the first ever lesbian, gay, bisexual, and transgender cancer survivor research center.

Questions? Let us know!

Sexual Wellbeing in Sexual Minority Women with Breast Cancer

Researchers seek Lesbians, Bisexual women, and Women who Partner with Women for a study on Sexual Functioning with Breast Cancer.
Most of our knowledge about sexual functioning with breast cancer comes from the experience of heterosexual women.
Help us improve our understanding of the issues faced by sexual minority women.

*One Time Mail Survey * *Receive $20 for the completion of the survey* * Your participation is voluntary*

This study is being conducted by Boston University School of Public Health and is funded by the Susan G. Komen Breast Cancer Foundation
To receive a survey, or if you have any questions about this study,
call Brandy Allen 1-877-414-1399

An Examination of Lesbian Healthcare Professionals' Attitudes on Being Out and Its Effect on Self-Esteem and Job Satisfaction

A graduate student in Health Studies and Library Science at Texas Woman's University in Denton, Texas asks your participation in the requirements for her dual Master's degrees. Her thesis topic is: "An Examination of Lesbian Healthcare Professionals' Attitudes on Being Out and Its Effect on Self-Esteem and Job Satisfaction."

If you are a lesbian healthcare professional, and this includes nurses and therapists, as well as physicians, and wish to take part in the survey, please click on this link https://www.surveymonkey.com/s.aspx?sm=RPsOYNugUBvjXKI71CSwBQ_3d_3d
to be taken to the Informed Consent and the survey. Or, please contact her at lmorris2@twu.edu if you have any questions.

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